Mathieu Dubois, November 14 2018

5 Online Tools on How to Improve Your English

Did you know that approximately 20% of the world’s population speaks English? Or that English is the second most spoken language in the world? It is undeniable that speaking English is an asset to individuals. Perfecting written, oral and listening components to a language could be learned through the following five English online tools.  

1.     Watching TV shows/Movies

Televisions offers a variety of broadcasted programs for entertainment, information and education.  It is a great tool to familiarize yourself with the English language. Every day, watching 30 minutes of an English TV show can expose you to the language without direct studying methods. At a young age, I was forced to watch all my animations shows in English. It has helped me to learn the English basics such as attentive listening and repeating familiar words or sentences.

Movies are a smart and easy way to start learning a language because movies are offered in many languages that you may be more familiar with. An English tip that I give to all learners is to watch the movie in English while having the subtitles in your native language. This will allow you to associate words with actions and images while translating vocabulary to your first language. With the arrival of Netflix, this technique can be easily accessed. A variety of shows, documentaries and movies are presented for audiences at a small fee.

2.     Using the Internet

The internet offers are large numbers of online tools that will help you understand and improve your English skills. Voa News gives you the opportunity to learn English in a course that is 52 weeks in length. Every week, there are a few videos regarding the subject being discuss. This learning method will permit you to go at your own pace and invest your time in other methods. The website also shares world news at a very basic level of English opposed to other news sources that can not be easily followed by individuals learning English. There are many other resources out in the web, but this website is very clear and easy to manipulate.

3.     Playing Video Games

As playing video games might not be your first option, it will help you practice your English reading, listening and even speaking skills. While playing these online games, through MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games) you will learn a different set of dialogue. This will allow you to increase your vocabulary while having a greater understanding of the games content. Another feature of video games is to that you have the option to communicate verbally with other players. You will have the chance to exchange words to help in situations or ask questions to other players. This will give you a feel for having a conversation using the game dialogue.  

4.     Listening to Music/Podcast

The music industry can also help you learn English. The most popular bands in our generation are constantly creating English music all over the world. As our generation enjoys using ear phones, it is fundamental for you to listen to English music, as well as podcast. Music will clarify the pronunciation of certain words and trigger your memory through catchy melodies. For podcasts, you have the option to listen to a large quantity of options from businesses to culture to lifestyles, etc.  Spotify is not only a great way to listen to music or podcasts, but it will also increase your cultural knowledge. Whether you’re waiting in line, cleaning your bedroom or in a full bus, you can still immerse yourself in English at any given time.

5.     Utilizing Mobile Applications

Why not use your precious time learning a second language through your phone instead of playing mindless games? Duolingo is a free mobile application that allows you learn many languages by spending 5 minutes per day. This app will challenge you through different grammar, translation, sentence structures and voice recognition games. As you complete the challenges, the level of difficulty will increase. 

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Here is a little challenge for you! If you have a phone or a computer, change your settings to English. This will allow you to be completely immersed in English while using your personal devices.

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